Have you ever thought about what will happen if you completely disable JavaScript on the Internet, refuse JavaScript development services, and forget about working with JavaScript developers?

Let us tell you. It is going to be complete turmoil.

  • JavaScript provides appropriate formatting and related information for websites, therefore, without JavaScript, web development people will have a hard time reading websites.
  • As of 2022, 98% of websites are developed, implemented, and supported by JavaScript developers. This means media materials like videos, images, and graphics on websites will be unavailable for you because JavaScript and jQuery are responsible for interactive front-end web development.
  • JavaScript helps to navigate through websites much more easily. The absence of JS will lead to difficulties in loading more information.

JavaScript dominates web development. In the meantime, this language has expanded its field of influence via JavaScript app development and JavaScript game development. The growing need for JS developers and JavaScript development agencies in the international software development industry is not surprising.

At CodeRiders, we receive questions from clients and interested agencies about JavaScript and reasons to include this language in their projects' main tech stack.

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Learning more about JS and its frameworks should also be important for software developers and engineers.

Therefore, in this article, we will unwrap the latest trends in JavaScript development agencies and talk about JavaScript and its frameworks.

The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries 

According to Statista 2022 report,  JS frameworks and libraries make the list of the top 10 most-used frameworks among software developers worldwide (see the whole list below):

As you can see, Node.js leads the list, followed by React.js, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, and Next.js. Here is some short information about each library and framework.

JavaScript developers at CodeRiders software development company work with these most popular JavaScript frameworks

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Node.js is used by back-end software developers. It is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment to build fast and scalable applications. Node.js runs JavaScript in a single thread. One of the main advantages of Node.js is its asynchronism. This means that Node.js developers can build code that can create new threads and run in parallel. Not only does Node.js handle numerous simultaneous connections, but it is also fast and lightweight. That is why it is the favorite technology for back-end developers and among JavaScript development agencies.


React.js is an open-source JavaScript framework and library created by Facebook. It is component-based, which means React.js developers build encapsulated components that manage their state to make complex UIs. React.js is very easy to learn and simple for creating interactive UIs. That is why software developers prefer using this JS framework, as they spend more time practicing than learning. Using React.js is an efficient and fast way of crafting dynamic front-end web apps with numerous features.

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jQuery is a JavaScript library with a wide variety of features. jQuery simplifies the JS library because it is lightweight and follows the "write less, do more" idea. jQuery simplifies a lot of tasks that require many lines of code into a single line of code. This is one of the favorite things about jQuery for JavaScript developers. JavaScript and jQuery interactive front-end web development is among the top-requested services in the market.


Express is a Node.js web application framework. Web application developers use Express to build efficient single-page, multipage, and hybrid web applications. Due to its simplicity, Express gives software developers and designers a chance to easily enter the world of web application development.


Vue.js is a front-end JS framework. It is used to create dynamic and fast-loading user interfaces. It follows the component-based programming model and is a simple front-end technology to work on both simple and complex projects.


Next.js is a React framework used to create full-stack web applications. Next.js extends the latest React features and integrates Rust-based JS tooling for fast and scalable coding.

Things You Can Build with JavaScript

What is JavaScript used for? We widely use JS for building websites, web applications, progressive web applications (PWAs), single-page applications (SPAs), web applications with cross-platform compatibility, and JavaScript game development. JS can be integrated with other technologies, such as databases, APIs, and cloud services, making the delivery of robust and scalable web applications easy and fast for businesses.

When Is It Beneficial to Use JavaScript and Its Frameworks?

Software developers and business owners do not use JavaScript just because they want it. JS offers an outrageous number of benefits if used correctly. Here are the top benefits business owners get when working with JavaScript development agencies and JS developers.

JavaScript web development: Choosing JavaScript is one of the easiest ways to create interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly websites. If you do not need a static website where you just represent information about your company, JS is the most effective solution. First, finding JavaScript developers is faster, easier, and more affordable. This is logical, as JS is the world’s most popular web development language. Moreover, if you hire JavaScript developers from IT hubs like Armenia, you will save money dramatically. For example, in Armenia, you can hire a senior JS developer from a reputable software outsourcing company at a $52.000 annual salary. To make the difference and benefits of hiring JS developers from Armenian JavaScript development agencies more obvious, let’s indicate that an annual salary for a senior JS developer in the USA starts from $197.470. JavaScript is excellent for creating both simple and multifactional, complex websites.

Progressive web applications (PWAs): PWAs are the latest and most valuable version of web applications. PWAs can be installed on a user's device without visiting the app store. PWAs allow users to experience native app-like experiences cost-effectively.

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Single-page applications (SPAs): A SPA is a type of web application or website that interacts with the user by rewriting the current page. For example, after re-loading a single web page, SPAs update the body content of that one page via JavaScript APIs. They request and fetch data to show different content.

Mobile applications: Both small and medium-sized companies, as well as enterprises, work with JavaScript development agencies or hire JavaScript developers not only for building web but also mobile applications. JavaScript developers work on the user interface and functionality of mobile applications.

JS is particularly used in a React Native open-source, cross-platform, or hybrid mobile application development. JS-based frameworks like Ionic, Angular, and Vue have turned the mobile development industry upside down. In the past, companies needed to hire separate mobile app developers to build 2 types of mobile applications for iOS and Android users. Now companies have the choice of working with cross-platform mobile app developers. With the help of JS, JS-based frameworks, and React native, it is possible to build modern and scalable mobile and web applications for multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, etc.

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Retail and wholesale software solutions or e-commerce platforms: Nowadays, a decisive number of brick-and-mortar shops have an online appearance. Whether you are selling clothes or food, it is impossible to stay competitive without online shopping and delivery services. Building JS e-commerce systems is fast and easy. If you build your e-commerce systems with JavaScript, you enhance your web forms and exclude continuous reloading of the page. This significantly fastens the website performance and improves scalability, which is extremely important for e-commerce platforms. Presenting pictures via slideshow is essential for the users to make a buying decision. With JS, the loading time of the slideshow is shorter, resulting better user experience. On the other hand, JavaScript has a wide variety of e-commerce development tools, e.g., Knockout.js, and Kartograph.js. The accessibility of likewise solutions makes it possible to build fast, executable, extensible, and easily manageable e-commerce websites or web applications. Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, includes JavaScript in its main tech stack.

Communication platforms or ecosystems: JavaScript, along with other popular tech stacks like PHP, Laravel, and Python, is widely used for building communication platforms and ecosystems. Some of the most popular business and entertainment communication platforms, such as Slack, Ghost, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, WordPress, and Pexels (a platform of diverse images for content creators) are built with JS. JavaScript language is a decent choice for the media and entertainment industry as it covers the following functionalities:

  •  Adding Google Maps to websites
  •  Interactive user interfaces
  •  Creating social media plugins
  •  Ensuring the website is interactive enough to have a high user-return rate
  •  Creating drop-down menus (showing or hiding menu information)
  •  Animations and form validation
  •  Playing media files and zooming in and zooming out of picture files
  •  Hovering effect of the mouse pointer
  •  Timers

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JavaScript game development, 2D and 3D games: Nowadays, JavaScript is widely used for game development, especially for browser-based and mobile games. Game developers have a huge variety of JavaScript game engines on GitHub to create extensive and modern games. Some of these JS game engines include Pixi.js, Kiwi.js, Three.js, etc. Creating games with such engines is much easier, plus they provide additional features, such as physics and animation. UnityScript game development engine, which currently attracts massive attention, also has JavaScript-like syntax.

Plugins: JavaScript developers create plugins and extensions for popular applications, such as WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office. JS-based plugins improve the functionality of applications. With the help of these plugins, users get more flexible options. For example, photoshop plugins accelerate and facilitate image editing options and processes.

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In addition, JavaScript is also used in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). The most common example is TensorFlow.js, which is an open-source ML platform that lets developers train and deploy machine learning models in the web browser.

To sum app, JavaScript and its frameworks have a powerful role in the information technology and software development industry. JavaScript developers and JavaScript development agencies lead the list of the most requested software development partners in the last several years. No matter if you own a small or medium company or a huge enterprise, you should encounter JS and its frameworks before finalizing your business analysis.

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