To provide you with your niche solution we offer customized solutions meeting your core business needs. With CodeRiders solutions we help businesses of all sizes build winning strategies, reach new markets, and optimize processes.

We provide software development solutions, best practices, management and mentoring to drive your business to success.

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Build e-Commerce solutions with CodeRiders to bring value to your end users and business through the increased ROI and overall productivity. We support and tailor highly-functional, interactive, and secure e-commerce solutions – redesigning the existing one or building from scratch. Our capabilities of e-commerce software development are for different kinds of businesses: enterprise, B2B trading network, B2C marketplace, small and middle-sized business, etc.


We bring automation solutions to manual and time-consuming work for you to have more time on the most important tasks. With our Business Intelligence solutions your unstructured business data will turn into a reportable dataset and visualize the information into graphs, charts, and tables. Your business analytics and predictions would have never been this smart and quick.


With CodeRiders CRM solutions we augment your sales, marketing and business processes through valuable insights in consumer behavior. Our efficient Customer Relationship Management solution will boost productivity of your sales and customer support team significantly giving you insights into customer care and sales process. CodeRiders-built CRM solutions increase ROI and bounce client retention rate.

API Integration Solution

We add necessary features to your solutions with our API integration techniques for you to save money on research and development. At CodeRiders we integrate data with third party applications. We have API integration experience with diverse domains such as social media (Facebook API, Twilio API, Instagram API), shipping, payment, as well as platforms that integrate popular online advertising network APIs such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Real Time Solutions

With our smart real time dashboards we extract and analyze data in an efficient manner to serve as a foundation of long-term planning and decision-making. The visual presentation of large, complex sets of data are streamlined with data visualization tools and dashboard designs. You may view metrics from different sources, overlay event markers on graphs, explore historical metrics for over a year, etc.

Big Data & Analytics

We leverage your data and optimize big data solutions, so you can sit back and make decisions according to the automatically analyzed data. CodeRiders team of experienced data engineers will help you design and build a custom big data and analytics tool that will cover big data volumes, types, and processing workloads.

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