Property Management Software and App Development

Learn how we helped Sinov8 within the software development project of a Property Management Software and App.

Project Description

Sinov8 collaborated with CodeRiders software development company for several projects and requested several web and mobile development resources.

The initial project goal of Sinov8 was to outsource some small mailbox autoreply features of their product RedRabbit to an external team as they had some capacity limitations internally. This turned into an already (in November 2021) 2-year relationship with multiple outsourced projects ranging from small features and bug fixing assistance through medium-sized modules, up to a full mobile application development project for RedRabbit Inspections & Maintenance management solution.

We are still providing ongoing software development services for Sinov8. Our most recent project involves redeveloping an existing app for the client.

During the whole cooperation process, CodeRiders provided 5 people to work on Sinov8 projects: 1 web developer, 1 hybrid mobile app developer, 1 business development manager, and 2 people who acted as consultants during meetings.

The team provided daily reports about the software development progress and held online calls whenever there was a need to show the completed work or present the report.


Sinov8 helps build property management software for the real estate industry in South Africa.

At the end of 2020, Sinov8 decided that it was time to rewrite the RedRabbit Inspection app from the ground up. At that point, they had more than one year of relationship with CodeRiders, so they felt comfortable continuing with our skills, professionalism, and work ethic. Especially after hearing that we were extending our offering to include Flutter development, they jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with us on this project.

The purpose of the PropTech project is to allow users to record the conditions of properties when doing inspections along with photos, signatures, etc., and then synchronize that information with the backend system efficiently. Sinov8's goal was generally to outsource work to CodeRiders that they do not have the internal capacity for themselves. So, in essence, CodeRiders became an extension of their own internal team.


After having a couple of meetings between our team at Coderiders and Sinov8, we fleshed out the requirements and together decided on a plan of action for the property management software and app development project.

One of our Flutter developers joined the project to work closely with the Sinov8 project manager on the property management system development, rebuild the required features, and drastically improve them in as little time as possible.

Together with Sinov8, we decided to use Flutter technology because this allows consolidating all the functionalities into a single code base instead of maintaining iOS and Android as separate code bases.

The project is in the final stages now, and so far, we have successfully built the following features that are soon to start beta testing:

  • Ability to download scheduled inspections and schedule new inspections directly on the app
  • Ability to see an interactive list of inspections grouped by date
  • Ability to review inspection details
  • Ability to follow an inspection creation wizard that allows you to select or create a property, select or create the contacts and then compile a starting point for the inspection
  • Ability to capture the various conditions of each area and item and add any number of photos to each item
  • Stunning capturing screen that is super feature-rich with beautiful animations
  • Great built-in camera with features such as tap to focus and flash, which allows you to take multiple photos in quick succession to make the photo-taking process as quick and seamless as possible

The project discussions between Sinov8 and CodeRiders are done using Basecamp as the main communication tool. Sinov8 also has one project manager internally responsible for handling all communication with the developers directly, answering any questions, reviewing, and merging the code.


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Custom APIs

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South Africa


IT and software

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5 members


2 years

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