CodeRiders professionals are experienced in building software solutions for a wide range of industries. Weather you are looking for a custom software for pharmaceuticals and biotech companies, legal firm management solution, banking and trading digitalization, gaming and betting, or retail analysis automation - we are here to consult your specific industry needs in delivering development services and come up with a comprehensive solution.

Healthcare Software Solution

CodeRiders provides a full package of services, from consulting to developing a new fully compliant system serving for your healthcare business. Integrate our services with your hardware or software. We will guide you through all the certification processes. We are also included in the list of Best Healthcare Software Development Companies by DesignRush.

Grow Your Business With The Solutions We Provide In Healthcare Industry

EMR/EHR solutions

Medical Billing

Health Information Exchange and Health Insurance Exchange (HIE)

Custom Software for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Companies

Electronic Prescription

Patient Engagement Portals

Practice Management Systems (PMS)

Hospital Management

Laboratory Information Management (LIM)

We serve all types of companies in healthcare – whether you are Hospital, Health Care and Health Insurance Provider, Medical Device Manufacturer, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology or CRO Company.

CodeRiders delivers secure solutions, which are fully compliant with HIPAA, CCHIT, and other compulsory standards and regulations.

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Edtech Software Solution

CodeRiders delivers cutting-edge software to educational and professional institutions and educational technology providers. We understand the needs and challenges of the 21st century classroom. Switching from traditional learning to EdTech solutions will ensure that schools, universities and colleges have greater flexibility and improved information retention with reduced costs.

We Develop Customized And End-To-End Edtech Platforms

Learning management system (LMS) development

Virtual classrooms

Online examination system (e-examinations)

Authoring system

Graphic software and desktop publishing software

Drill & practice software and tutorial software

Educational games software and reference software

Custom edTech CRM development

Mobile learning

Data analytics for educational institution

Education management software QA and testing

Educational institutions are challenged to drive student recruitment, online training sessions, create virtual classrooms, secure student and employee files with an intuitive UI, enhance program quality, add gamification features, meet internal accountability requirements and secure/retain funding.

We combine our EdTech software engineering expertise with an agile mindset to build a sophisticated educational system which will enhance your institution workflow, automate manual tasks, and make studying process more interactive. CodeRiders education technology engineers are experienced in designing, integrating, and managing learning environments.

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Finance Software Solution

CodeRiders provides solutions that are financially innovative and enhance business productivity. With our technical knowledge and domain expertise, we cover all areas of financial services and capital markets. CodeRiders is included in the list of Best FinTech Software Developers by DesignRush.

Boost Your Business With The Solutions We Provide In Financial And Banking Industry

FIX Integration

Portfolio Management

Banking Digitalization

Trading Solutions

Data Management

Order Management Systems

Business Process Solution

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Hyperion Performance Management

Lease and Finance Management

Enterprise Systems Transformation

We understand that you operate with strict regulations and aim to achieve ever tighter operational efficiency. Our expertise in financial compliance management and reporting allows keeping pace with the competitive and regulatory environments with superior security.

CodeRiders delivers secure solutions - fully compliant with industry standard guidelines and regulations.

Media And Entertainment Software Solution

CodeRiders is highly specialized in providing software solutions tailored to the needs of Media and Entertainment industry. No matter what type of M&E business you have, our cutting-edge technology helps us maintain and develop the evolution in the media sector. We serve publication and advertising houses, music companies, broadcasters, cinematography houses, casinos, etc.

We Are Specialized In Most Demanded Software Solutions In Media And Entertainment

Sales and Analyses Measurement

Big Data, Social Metrics & Analytics

Digital Content Streaming

Gaming and Betting

Production Management and Automation

Movie Screenwriting, Scheduling and Budgeting

Asset and Data Management

We follow the user-guides and regulations in Media and Entertainment Industry to provide you with a safe and secure solution.

Run your Processes With CodeRiders Authored Entertainment Industry Solutions

Retail And Wholesale Software Solution

CodeRiders builds retail and wholesale software both based on platform implementation and third-party systems integration. Whether it is SAP Hybris, SAP Business Objects, MS Dynamics CRM, MS SharePoint, Oracle BI, IBM Commerce, ERP, Supply chain, or e-Commerce platform – our professionals have the expertise to help you.

We Are The Right Experts To Develop Your Retail And Wholesale Corporate Infrasturcture

Product information management

Merchandise management

Promotions management

Supply chain management

Order management

Payment processing and security

Automated invoicing

Loyalty solutions

Augmented and virtual reality for retail


Customer analytics

Retail analytics

We Serve Other Industries As Well. Just Drop Us A Message To Disucss Your Specific Needs!

Legal Software Solution

We manage legal business elements with innovative web and mobile solutions. CodeRiders assists attorneys with time-keeping, billing, invoicing, sending and receiving emails and documents. We also provide an online communication system that maintains lawyer-client relationship while managing client's data.

We Provide Most Trending Solutions In Legal Industry

Firm Management Solutions

Document Management and Generation Software

Practice Management Software

Litigation Portfolio Management Solutions

Cost Recovery Solution

Time, Billing and Accounting

File Sharing and Client Portal

CodeRiders offers tools and software products for case management, claim creation and approval, loss creation, invoice generation, accounts payable, leave requests, time sheets, activity and expense reports, call processing, supply ordering, denial processes, client analysis, legal holds and more.

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