youTube Analytics Tool and Tracking App Development

Learn how we helped NovelConcept with the software development project of YouTube analytics tool and tracking app.

Project Description

The project goal was SaaS application development, building an API for YouTube channel analysis. Our software development team built an optimization app, analytics software, and a tracking application for YouTube API.

One software developer from CodeRiders software development house joined the project to provide analytics tools and tracking app development services. The project ran for 27 months.

The team provided weekly reports about the software development progress and held online calls whenever there was a need to show the completed work or present the report.


NovelConcept was in a need of customized software development for YouTube channel analysis, tracking, and optimization. The application is made for YouTube marketers.

Rankify Analytics software's goal was to be an easy-to-use tool for researching channels, making assumptions, and running YouTube channels in an optimized way with a fact-based strategy.


CodeRiders software development house worked on the web development process of Rankify Analytics and built a YouTube analytics tool which is a help for social media marketers. We worked on this project for 27 months, providing both SaaS development and API development.

So far, we have already completed functionalities like:

  • Tracking videos and channels
  • Advanced rank tracking
  • Clickability calculator
  • SEO module
  • Competitor analysis
  • Thumbnail A/B testing
  • DeepDive advanced search module
  • Performance analysis
  • Tracking subscriber views
  • Integrated cross-channel calendar
  • Keywords for ranking better
  • Collecting various data through YouTube API (views, watch time, likes, comments, description, age, etc.)


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Rest API development
  • YouTube API
  • Google API
  • Bootstrap

Client Name





Marketing and advertising, Entertainment, Social media

Team Composition

1 software developer


2 years and 3 months




CodeRiders has been a great help to me as we have worked on creating a SaaS for YouTubers, pulling and analyzing data via the YouTube API into a custom online service. Very friendly, fairly priced, and always delivered quality work. If there were any problems, they were always quick to help and look into them. I am more than happy to say that I will gladly recommend them.

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen

Founder, NovelConcept

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