CRM System And Email Marketing Tool

Learn how we helped WorldSoft AG with the CRM system and email marketing tool development.

Project Description

Worldsoft Business Suite is a leading CRM portal - SaaS for business management. WoldSoft AG hired CodeRiders to work on its CRM software and email marketing software development. Two developers from our team have been working on the backend functionality and API integrations of this application. This was a 3-year-long project consisting of back-end and API sub-projects.


The project goal was to build the back-end functionality of a CRM system and email marketing tool, as well as integrate APIs. Each of the modules is separately based on the Laravel framework (4.2 version). The project required technical expertise and the ability to adapt quickly to extremely new technologies.

WorldSoft AG had a test-based selection process. These tests were designed in such a way that only 1% of the programmers can pass, which helps to ensure the highest quality. CodeRiders developers successfully passed the test and gave a start to a new fruitful partnership.


WorldSoft is a large enterprise tool that consists of several blocks. We worked on two of them - the E-Marketing System (EMS) and the CRM.

We handled both the front-end and back-end development of completely new software that uses the latest technologies and also assigned people for marketing, testing, and more. The team consisted of professionals in design, frontend and backend programming, software architecture, marketing, testing, etc. The project was huge, so CodeRiders was just a part of the team.

The email software is for sending personalized newsletters and follow-ups quickly and easily via email and SMS. The tool has an intuitive editor that helps to create emails with integrated macro-management for individual personalization.

In general, we built functionalities like:

  • Personalized newsletters to send quick emails
  • Online surveys
  • Intuitive editor to create personalized messages
  • Follow-up system to automate with time and action-based messages perfectly tailored to the needs of the recipient
  • Individual coding (tags) and tracking options
  • Real-time statistics to provide precise information about delivered and undelivered emails, the number of email openings and clicks on links, as well as unsubscribing
  • Integration with WorldSoft CRM system
  • Email templates (HTML)
  • Multilingualism
  • Campaign and event management

The CRM software is for gathering all customer data, documents, comments, and notes in one place. The information is available to all employees (managed by user roles) at any time online.

Our software development team worked on functionalities like:

  • Central contact management
  • Message module
  • Email and SMS communication (communication with customers)
  • Forms for the website
  • Customer administration
  • Template and file management
  • Integration with any website
  • Combination of online marketing, communication, and customer management
  • Personal and targeted maintenance of leads, customers, suppliers, and employees in a central administration
  • Duplicate comparison
  • Group management (tags)
  • Calendar integration
  • Import/export of address data
  • User roles’ administration
  • Reservations
  • API interface

The project was successfully completed being one of those projects that make us proud. You can always test its great functionality by creating a free trial account. Today WorldSoft has a huge number of clients that use the services.


  • PHP
  • Laravel 4.2
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • API development

Client Name

WorldSoft AG




Marketing, Internet, and Technologies

Team Composition

2 members


3.5 years




The team has done a great job on the backend functionality of our system, and these several years we have been working together very productively. Being always available for discussions, delivering the results on time, seeking new solutions, and taking care of the product - this is why I highly recommended them!

Laurentiu Nat

CTO, Worldsoft AG

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