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Learn how we built custom software for an agricultural company to monitor work, automate farming, and store information on a custom and secure database.

Project Description

The project’s goal was to have tailor-made farm management software that would store all the important agriculture data in a custom, secure database, help organize farming according to accepted standards by monitoring and tracking farming activities.

One of CodeRiders’ senior software developers worked on creating the required product. He worked alone on developing and implementing the custom farming software in the meantime keeping transparent and clear communication with the client through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The project lasted for 4 months.


The client was a UK-based agriculture company and had several farms across the country. The company concentrated on the production of healthy and organic food and crops for wholesale.

The client’s goal was to accelerate and facilitate the whole farming lifecycle by implementing cutting-edge custom software solutions. These software solutions should have helped them be more competitive in the agriculture industry and offer more high-quality products without the risk of private info leakage. After several thorough discussions, we came to the conclusion that the client needed a tailor-made system that would store all the important data and help easily and rapidly manage, monitor, and track all the farming activities according to accepted standards.


Team CodeRiders first provided free consulting to the client, came up with a software solution, and continued with the actual software development process.

At first, we designed the system fundamentals and databases then went on with custom farming software development and implementation services.

Our software developer worked on creating a secure and user-friendly cloud-based precision agriculture platform for the employees and business owners, which allows:

  • To transfer essential data from live cameras and store it in an accurate, secure, and reliable database
  • To create a system for the employees to interact with the data transferred from the cameras
  • To receive satellite data that provides intelligent analytical decision support tools
  • Analytical decision support tools to easily monitor, understand and optimize field yield and crop performance
  • To automate monitoring and control activities
  • To create a business management platform for the employees
  • To permit employees to create accounts on the BMS (with restrictions based on their roles)
  • To permit employees to share information and chat with colleagues via the BMS


  • Node.js
  • Laravel
  • Laravel Nova
  • MySQL

Farm Management

Client Name



The United Kingdom


Agriculture software solutions, farm management software solutions

Team Composition

1 software developer


4 months

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