Real Time Dashboards

Do you need a powerful tool for streaming data, updating dashboards in real-time and tracking performance metrics? CodeRiders experts are ready to make your dream tool!

Real time dashboards make a visualization which automatically updates to show the latest data set available. You may track your team’s marketing, social media, sales, financial, HR and other KPIs and metrics to make fact-based decisions.

Our Real Time Dashboards Cover All Your Visualization Dreams

Infrastructure-Wide Visibility

You may use all apps, hosts, containers, and services to mix and match metrics and events. The metrics can be viewed from different sources side-by-side. For correlation analysis, you will have an option to overlay event markers on graphs. Exploring historical metrics at full will not be a problem anymore.

New Dashboards In Seconds

To visualize metrics and events you will just need to drag and drop graphs and other widgets. Both industry-standard and out-of-the-box templates will help you create any kind of dashboards which you may clone and edit. If you need to auto-generate new dashboards programmatically CodeRiders has the expertise to run the needed APIs.

Smart Visualization For Your Data

Your Real Time Dashboard solution will have an extensive library of visualization types to choose from. Gain insights into your infrastructure via heat maps graph metrics, stacked graphs, top lists, and more. The alerts and events in timelines and the alert-status widgets will keep you on the loop of notifications. You may also use conditional formatting to highlight critical metrics or high-level KPIs.

Dashboard And Graph Sharing

With real time management, you may easily display dashboards on large screens with TV mode. You will have an option to alert team members to issues by showing it on dashboards via graphs. Your team members may also have internal access control to dashboards to add, edit, delete or change the graphs and data they want.

Metric Transform

With real-time dashboards, you can apply built-in formulas to metrics or write your transformations by the code editor. By drawing on multiple metric sources, you can synthesize composite metrics, calculate metric derivatives, logarithms, medians, compare metrics, and apply out-of-the-box data mining algorithms.

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