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Learn how we helped Dwel within the software development project of a Private Family Cloud as a Lifestyle management software.

Project Description

The project goal of the Lifestyle management software was to develop a private, cloud-based operating system that helps to manage every aspect of digital life. Dwel is specifically for managing family life and maintaining an efficient household. The goal for the users is to have more free time.

Two software developers from CodeRiders software development house joined the project to provide customized software development services. The project ran for 12 months.

The team provided daily reports about the software development progress. One of the project managers also took part in the task reporting to keep the communication smooth and clear.


Dwel is a custom platform for Loyalsoft P/L to facilitate better household management, better communication between family members, and a better lifestyle. Loyalsoft is a startup focused on IoT technologies integration into lifestyle and household management practices. Dwel's goal is to streamline and automate household activities - such as meals preparation, house chores, record keeping, budgeting, document management, and a few others.

Loyalsoft needed to produce a highly functional version of its online operating system. It is comprised of multiple apps targeting lifestyle and household management. The goal was to produce a credible version of the operating system to show prospective users the positive impact such software could have on their lifestyles.


CodeRiders team worked both on the back-end and front-end development parts of Dwel Online for about 2 years. Loyalsoft short-listed CodeRiders and hired us for a small trial project. The outcome was extremely satisfactory, so it was easy to award us the entire contract. We built a suite of web apps that is a useful tool for streamlining and automating home life.

Our software development team built the Dwel platform, which is a single place from where the users can control all their smart things: turn on lights, regulate temperature, operate TVs, send music to speakers, lock doors, open blinds, turn on sprinklers, etc.

Besides, the users can store, organize and manage all their data, documents, messages, photos, bills, transaction records, and everything else they currently store in their email. It is a communication portal for sending messages, chatting, publishing posts, and sharing life without giving any private information to third-party platforms.

The IoT operating system developed by us supports multiple applications. We built the system based on UI mock-ups and a requirement set.

The software is going to have new functionalities soon, and CodeRiders is the official team that will handle the development.

So far, we have already built:

  • Document management system to organize info and photos
  • Finance management system to spend money smartly and save more
  • Shared calendar to keep track of important family events and appointments
  • Complete meal planning software and cooking system to make a chef out of anyone
  • Task management system to keep up with chores and errands
  • Shopping list for groceries and other consumables bought regularly
  • Message board for household members to replace sticky notes on the fridge
  • Social media-style app to show special offers from local shops
  • System setup and software configuration management app


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Moment.js
  • jQuery
  • Bash Script
  • SQLite 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • OOP
  • Custom MVC

Client Name

Loyalsoft P/L




IoT, Lifestyle and Household, Smart Homes, SaaS

Team Composition

2 members


1 year

Services Provided




CodeRiders are the official development team of the project Dwel. For the past two years they’ve been working diligently on our project, displaying excellent skills, great communication and ability to deliver the exact desired results. I highly recommend the team for any complex, multi-faceted modern application development projects and look forward to our continued association.

Al Segian

Project Leader, Dwel

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