Business Intelligence Solution Development

Automate your manual and time-consuming work to make smarter business decisions.

Forecasting and analysis, structured data, optimization, budget planning, financial reporting, data visualization and many more are easily accessible now with the help of BI solutions.

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Your BI Solution Will Have The Most Popular Features In The Industry

Workflow Automation

Help your team collaborate effectively and share data instantly with each other via workflow automation system that connects people, processes and content.

Data Clarification

Centralize, clean up and filter your data for the users to extract required information efficiently. Integrate your data and manage its quality to make better business decisions.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Analyze historical and real-time data from disparate sources, dig into your data, clarify the most important aspects and make predictions. Transform your data into graphs, tables, charts, diagrams and dashboards with our visualization solutions.

Budgetting & Planning

Outline your financial direction and expectations, document how the overall plan will be executed month to month, specifying expenditures. We consolidate and centralize your financial information to produce accurate budgets and perform what-if scenario analysis.

We Have Already Provided A Number Of Smart And Unique BI Solutions To Our Clients

How Our Business Intelligence Experts Will Help You

Business Intelligence Consulting

We map your unique workflows and information systems to suggest you the relevant frameworks and tools for rolling up Business Intelligence either from scratch or for extending the existing BI solutions.

Mobile Business Intelligence

We serve mobile BI real time dashboards to smartphones and tablets. Make your marketing analysis based on daily updated surveys, control your supply chain inquiries, as well as manage your retailer data or hospitality financial reporting without a laptop. With our real time mobile solutions, we offer a support in decision-making.

Custom BI Solutions

Custom BI solutions developed by CodeRiders contain unique functional features in line with your business requirements and BI methodology. This is ideal for businesses that have very specific needs which cannot be covered by ready-made solutions.

Platform-Based BI Solutions

We customize Business Intelligence solutions, integrate modules and plugins developed by third-party vendors into your business infrastructure. With Platform-Based BI Solutions we ensure you have cost reduction on custom development.

Embedded BI Modules

With our embedded BI modules we integrate data analytics and reporting functionalities into your software applications and business processes. Without switching between systems we will make your business-critical data accessible.

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