Big Data & Analytics

Search, explore, navigate, analyze and visualize all your data from one place.

Data holds a greater potential to unlock new opportunities, scale into new heights, and uncover hidden challenges in your business. So, big data is the lifeblood of your business. For predictive analytics, data mining, forecasting and optimization the need of utilizing Big Data Analytics solution is inevitable.

Play With Your Data The Way You Want

Actionable Insights

Make your data work for you. Put the right information into the right hands at the right time. Play with your data and get out its insights so that you can make clear and better decisions based on actionable facts.

Data Visualization

By implementing algorithms into your Big Data solution, we transform structured and unstructured data into actionable charts, graphs, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards and spreadsheets with interactive visual exploration option.

Data Segmentation & Clustering

Group people and identify what they do most of the time. This allows predicting what customers are likely to do without boxing them into rigid groups. Use this knowledge to develop targeted marketing programs.

Data Analysis And Predictive Analytics

With CodeRiders algorithms, we analyze historical and real-time data from disparate sources, reveal hidden patterns and define trends and forecasts. Make predictions based on pre-defined assumptions to give your business a competitive edge and increased revenue.

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CodeRiders extracts and analyzes real-time insights from massive amounts of big data in a unified way from any source. So, you may explore data from websites, app servers, business applications, social media platforms, traditional databases, open-source data stores hypervisors and sensors.

Benefits You Will Gain With Big Data And Analytics Solutions

Faster And Better Business Decisions

Quick, scalable and integrated solution will help you gain actionable insights quickly and without disruption by integrating with the cloud. You may leverage massive capacity of data with no data migration needs.

Improved Efficiency & Customer Engagement

Having the ability to dig deep into your data and explore it thoroughly and effectively, you can make meaningful changes based on tangible findings. You skip the process of gathering the data because it is automatically done. Hence, you save your time and improve efficiency.

Better Identification Of Risks & Effective mitigation

With Big Data analysis and predictions, you can easily identify financial and reputational disruptions, so you will avoid detrimental situations. Manage your business risks with insightful data.

Why CodeRiders For Big Data?

Easy to deploy and use

Real-time alerts

Massively scalable

Robust security

Best-in-class technologies

Anywhere, anytime, on any device intelligence

Flexible approaches

Cost-saving tactics

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Serving The Largest Industries In Need Of Big Data Analytics Tools & Solutions


As healthcare industry generates large amounts of data, Big Data Solutions help in major healthcare industry challenges - patient profile analysis, genomic analysis, public health monitoring, diagnosis and consulting, fraud analysis etc. You can better understand the actual patient experience, enable custom offerings and campaigns to the target patient groups and enhance patient experience and satisfaction.

E-commerce & Retail

Big Data Analytics play a key role in e-commerce and retail selling/buying process. You can easily predict the trends, identify the potential customers, optimize the pricing models and customer segmentation based on the buying behavior, and present personalized, real time offers based on the customer preferences. So, Big Data Analytics helps ecommerce and retail players provide a smart shopping experience.


In the Travel industry a vast quantity of data is generated - reservations, inquiries, itineraries, hotels, rental cars, trains, airlines, fare charts, customer feedbacks etc. They leave long trails of data which can be utilized by Big Data Analytics solutions. So, with Big Data Analytics the travel industry players can deliver an improved customer experience and increase the business efficiency.


The huge amounts of data in manufacturing industry (network of thousands of motors, mechanical equipment, electronic relays and sensors, etc.) can be easily monitored and analyzed with the right big data analytical solution. Shift your focus from traditional monitoring processes to a more agile and real time process. Generate tactical insights for improving the business performance and addressing many challenges.

We Serve Other Industries As Well

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