There are counted days to the official closure of 2021, and it is time for CodeRiders custom software development company to share our top achievements this year.

Sharing our success stories of the year has become a tradition for us. It is a fantastic way of summing up what we have done so far and what we will do in the future. It is also a great way to appreciate our past work, realize our progress, and get excited for the New Year, and new opportunities.  So, let’s wrap up in numbers the main achievements of our software development team in 2021. 

And NO, this is not a self-advertising article. This will be our last article of 2021 with the latest news in the tech industry, updates, upcoming exciting trends, and motivational success stories of our remote software engineers.

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1. Six times recognized as a top software development company

This year we received plenty of rewards, recognition, appreciation, and awards that are both inspiring and compulsory for us to keep up the hard work and quality software solutions. Multiple trustworthy and famous tech directories recognized CodeRiders among the top listings of software development companies. Let’s highlight the top 6 of our recognition rewards among the best tech companies in the world by famous tech directories.  

·       â— CodeRiders as a Trusted Custom Software Development Company by TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers is an encyclopedic website that lists the best tech companies around the world. We have been on TopDevelopers lists with our various services for quite a while. For example, in 2020, we were included in their list of the top efficient custom software development companies

● Best Custom Software Development Companies

● Finest Software Development Companies

●Top Design and Development Companies by TDA (Top Digital Agency)

TDA is a reliable software directory and an unbiased platform for the world’s top digital service providers. It sheds light on the world’s leading top tech companies and lets these companies showcase their expertise in a transparent and meaningful way. We are proud to be on the TDA list of the Top Design and Development companies. As an authority site trusted by decision-makers around the world, it embarks upon and leaves its trace in CodeRiders’ new journey of international recognition.

·       â— Best Custom Software Development Company by is a well-respected and trusted ratings and reviews platform from Washington D.C. As a data-driven field guide, it has a tremendous impact on business leaders or C-level employees in business buying decisions. has previously featured CodeRiders. However, the continuous recognition and appreciation encourage us to enlarge our staff and the diversity of our skillsets.

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·        â— Top PHP Development Company by

PHP programming language with its most popular Laravel framework is one of our core technologies at CodeRiders. We love PHP, and we believe that it will always have a unique role in web development. Almost 80% of all websites were developed in PHP and continue using this programming language. Internet giants as Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, Slack, Etsy, MailChimp, continue using PHP. The rising importance of PHP in web development is vital, and helping business owners find the best PHP development companies is an asset.

So, we are very thankful to the research and analytics hub, TechReviewer, for highlighting the hard work of our PHP programmers. TechReviewer makes the research and selection of the best PHP service providers much easier and faster, and we can prove it with our own experience.  

·        â— CodeRiders Listed Among Top Armenian Offshore Tech Companies in Several Categories by BestStartup.Asia in 2021

This year we were discovered by BestStartup.Asia, a respectable directory, promoting the leading Asian companies, businesses, and innovations on the global stage. They create a list of top software development teams based on their reputation among world-famous awards, directories, case studies, and testimonials. That is how they came across CodeRiders and decided to include us in 5 of their charts, such as: 

· 3 Top Armenian Web Development Companies and Startups

· 18 Top Armenian Mobile Apps Companies and Startups of 2021  

· 28 Top Armenian Apps Companies and Startups of 2021 

· 41 Top Armenian Software Companies and Startups of 2021 

· 12 Top Armenian E-commerce Companies and Startups of 2021

Besides general recognition, being appreciated for a specific service is an absolute advantage for any tech company. So, as a tech company providing multiple software solutions such as E-commerce, FinTech, HealthTech, E-learning, ERP, we also have this advantage.

2. Nominated Twice by Euro-Asian and Global Startup Awards

In 2019, we had the honor to get the title of Best Software Development Partner in the region, allotted by the public and professional jury vote. Our team traveled to the neighboring country to receive the award personally. Our first award automatically transferred as to further nominations by EASA and Global Startup Awards such as:

● “People’s Choice – Startup” by Global Startup Awards (GSA),

● “Digital Transformers” by EASA.

CodeRiders is an internationally recognized tech development team

Our software development team received appreciation especially for the following virtues:

Ø  ● Proved high-quality custom software services and solutions with affordable prices,

Ø  ● Flexible, transparent communication (fluency in English),

Ø  ● A professional business development team,

Ø  ● Qualified remote software engineers, educated and experienced in various tech stack, such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, React, HTML/CSS, Angular, Ionic, Flutter (see the complete list),

Ø  ● Well-organized and professional handling of the software development lifecycle (SDLC),

Ø  ● Possibility of adding the number of remote software engineers upon request, thanks to our enormous talent pool.


Why does EASA matter?: EASA or EuroAsian Startup Awards is a part of the world's largest no-pitch, non-conference startup competition, Global Startup Awards, with globally recognized industry experts and partners like Google and Microsoft.

3. New partners and markets

In 2021, we took our software development projects a step further, cooperating with new partners, entering new markets, and working in new industries. See them in numbers below:

CodeRiders is a software development team of an experienced software engineers

4. Internship at CodeRiders to join our team

We organized an internship opportunity for 4 students and gave them a chance to learn, work, and practice on real software development projects, which is so crucial.

For CodeRiders, the quality of our employees is critical. We like to initiate programming classes and leave our footprint in the quality service of the Armenian software outsourcing industry. 

It is not a coincidence that CodeRiders Tech Company was initially established as a software development school back in 2013. We trained more than 800 students, earning the title of one of the most popular and successful software development schools in Armenia.

A year later, in 2014, CodeRiders software development school selected its 15 best students and established CodeRiders Custom Software Development Company. Most of these 15 students are still with us and now are among our senior remote software engineers.

We have transformed our students from junior software engineers to experienced professionals, and we walked them through the international ICT industry. We believe this gives a distinct advantage to our company.

On the other hand, our clients love that we can easily offer new professionals during our software development cooperation process or SDLC due to our enormous talent pool of previous students.


5. Three new employees in our team

Following the fast growth of our company, it is natural that eventually we should expand our core team, tech-stack, and hire more employees. 2021 was the year to welcome our three new team members. Before they started working on our projects and communicating directly with our clients, we ensured they were well prepared and equipped.

For us, team spirit is crucial. We make sure our new employees feel comfortable working together. Our core staff shares close friendships and even family ties. The core value of our company philosophy is unification. The secret of our excellent quality services lies in the readiness of our employees to help each other.

Besides our CTO, who constantly keeps an eye on our software developers, the senior, middle, and junior developers themselves understand the importance of team success.

CodeRiders is an offshore software development company with various tech stack like PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, Vue.js, hybrid mobile app development

6. Online courses for our employees

As you already guessed, CodeRiders has never given up on teaching and preparing new professionals. In the past, we did this by organizing offline courses, while in 2021, we also started our online learning strategy. We examine the progress of our employees and offer relevant courses.

We also welcome and encourage our employees to dig into their favorite online courses. CodeRiders is a software vendor that values employee progress and is not afraid of accepting juniors and transferring them into experts.

If our software engineers or other employees (project and marketing managers, sales, and BD team members) are interested in leveling up their knowledge in a different field, we encourage and provide them with everything needed.

Our senior software engineers are now expanding their skillset with new technologies, specifically Vue.js, Node.js, React, Docker, JavaScript, and Flutter.

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7. A new office space

As for any other company, the lockdown also opened up new business ideas for CodeRiders. After a full year of remote working, in 2021, we finally came back together but in a different environment.

To maintain the family atmosphere in our team, we moved to a two-floor big house in the center of the capital, Yerevan. We have adjusted the house to a comfy office-like home and enjoy the new working conditions. Although we always felt at home in CodeRiders, working at a "house-like" office brings us even closer. We have lunches together, come down for snacks and coffee just like we would do at home.

8. New team building activities

CodeRiders motto is simple, “We desire, together we achieve”. Since our establishment day, one of our core values has been to become one family and honestly care for the failures and achievements of each other. Our employees care for the success and reputation of the company, which is critical for high-quality software solutions and services.

Nevertheless, team-building activities are still important. Hence, we constantly work on finding new ways of bringing our staff together after work. For instance: 

● We organize weekend trips to the countryside. Our most recent visits took us to Mughni and Gyumri. Mughni is a historically significant village located on the north side of Armenia. It is the home to the 14th-century Saint Gevorg Monastery, a popular pilgrimage site and the seat of an archbishop. We rented a house and celebrated our CTO's birthday. While Gyumri is the second-largest city in Armenia. It is also located on the northern side of Armenia and is the home of Armenian art, filmography, and sports.  We spent a great time with downtown scrolls, hiking, and tasting delicious local dishes.

CodeRiders software development team enjoys spending weekends in the countryside

● We prepared a dedicated room for watching movies and playing video games. It has become a tradition to choose a movie of the week and stay after work to watch it. On the other hand, playing video games allows having mini-rests during the hard-working day for our employees. So, we made sure we set a room for PlayStation as well.

·        â— Playing billiard is now our hobby. We enjoy playing billiard together after lunch or during coffee breaks.

·       â— We celebrate holidays together. Holidays are exciting ways to have fun together, so we make sure we do not skip even one. Our latest celebration was a Halloween party, where we dressed up in various characters and designed holiday theme dishes together.

We also decorated the whole office together for the New Year and cannot wait for our New Year party at the end of December. To keep up with us, you can follow us on social media. We are on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

9. Monthly masterclasses and knowledge exchange

For leveling up, brainstorming, and service quality, the exchange of experience, skills, and information is critical. Hence, whenever any one of the team gains new skills in this or that technology, we make sure to organize a master class and exchange knowledge within the whole team. Lately, we have had master classes of JavaScript Engines (V8) and Docker.

CodeRiders software development company's CTO during the masterclass about software solutions and innovations

10. New initiation: creating white papers

We started a new initiation of creating white papers for our readers. Our first white paper is about "How to Write a Candid SOW Document". 

Team CodeRiders works hard to help our potential customers or current partners first and foremost. We want to teach and educate our audience as well. That is why our content management team worked on filing up a simple, educative, and informative guide about writing a candid scope of work (SOW) document with a real sample. Having a written record of your requirements and being clear about your expectations is the start of amazing win-win cooperation.

You can download this guide with a sample below free of charge.


11. CodeRiders blog content appreciated by the TDA community

At CodeRiders, we want to ensure that our potential customers understand the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and some of the most basic things connected with custom software development. That is why we also run a blog that shares educational articles, success stories, expertise-based advice, and the latest news in the international ICT industry.

We are proud to state that our content helps gain the valued trust of our potential and current clients and makes our unique place in the international ICT industry. Therefore, no surprise that the leading tech directories and review platforms noticed our blog. The latest achievement of our blog was to be among the top software development companies providing high-quality content.

12. A rescued dog and 10 adopted kitties

We believe that the world should be a better place not only for people but also for animals. We cannot pass by a wandering animal with no place to go.

This year our team rescued a dog and adopted 10 kitties that live at our office and are now part of our team. We take care of them every day and enjoy spending time with them, especially when we need to take a break from a challenging task or just need to relax.

A cat siting on the lap of a software developer at CodeRiders tech company

13. New working strategy for our employees

Remote working is not a new term for our employees. We are an offshore software development team, so our team or dedicated individual software engineers keep communication with their clients remotely anyway. We work with partners from almost every continent of the world.

The pandemic and the lockdown pushed us with an idea to offer our staff a more flexible work routine. In 2021, we adopted a hybrid working schedule with which we let our employees decide whether they wish to work from home or come to the office. Honestly, most of our staff has chosen the last option, but still, we show our willingness to provide the best possible working conditions if necessary.

14. Updated computer equipment

Productive working requires comfortable and updated equipment. We review our employees’ computer equipment almost every month and ensure they have everything they need.

15. Sharing the success stories and expertise of our employees

One of our new initiations this year was sharing interviews and personal success stories of our employees. We already have 5 such interviews you can read:

1.     â—  My Story As SQL Developer, Babken Darbinyan

2.    ● The Importance Of PHP In Web Applications, Albert Ispiryan

3.    ● How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level, Anna Khachatrian

4.    ● How We Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy, Zaven Ter-Stepanyan

5.    â— How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space, Srbuhi Avetisyan

CodeRiders software development team in New Year

Final thoughts

We will barely finish this article if we continue speaking about our progress and improvement in almost every field of customer care and service quality. So, let’s put a comma here, appreciate each and every person who committed to our further development as a reliable and recognizable software development team.

Let’s welcome this New Year with joy and excitement and contribute all our efforts to making it even better than 2021. Happy New Year! 


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