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We combine U.S. quality with offshore prices to deliver you best in the market software development outsourcing and IT consulting services.

We are recognized as Best Software Developers Outsourcing and listed in Top Software Development Companies in January 2021 by Top Software Development Companies.

IT consulting provider CodeRiders
IT consulting provider CodeRiders

Software Development Outsourcing and IT Consulting


We combine U.S. quality with offshore prices to deliver you best in the market software development outsourcing and IT consulting services.


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CodeRiders scalable delivery mechanism allows to provide a price-performance advantage. Our Armenia-based offshore development company augments business analysis, project management, development, deployment, and QA to optimize resource allocation and sustain price and performance advantage.

Quality Talent

Armenia is popular with its IT industry development. Armenians are tech-minded and they enjoy solving challenges. The quality of our talent pool is proven with the delivered high standard work.

CodeRiders is also included in the list of Best Software Developers in Eastern Europe.

Communication Skills

Armenia has one of the highest English proficiency levels. The English language is the fundamental part of basic education curriculum in Armenia, which means many of them have been speaking English since they were children. So communication is on the highest level of proficiency.




Almost all software development methodologies are practiced at CodeRiders – Agile, SCRUM, Lean, Waterfall, Prototype, Incremental, Iterative, V-Model, Spiral, RAD, DSDM, RUP, and XP.

Our software development processes are efficient and perfectly matching to your time-to-market needs. We take responsibility for all phases of your software development lifecycle.


Cooperation Models


Full-cycle Product Development

Provide a specification or have a consultancy with us to discuss your ideas, and we’ll build the software from scratch.

Specific Functionality Development

Additional features or applications for your product will be developed with certain skills needed – for example, a mobile version, BI and analytics tool, etc.

Team Augmentation

We provide a flexible team or individual developers to complete your project with the needed technology skills.


We Solve Software


Is your software
maintenance causing

To make your software maintenance costs lower we optimize the product architecture. CodeRiders technical team specializes in providing maintenance and support services at different levels.

Is software
development running
out of budget?

Our Fixed Price engagement model helps to stick to the budget stated in the contract. Time and Material model is an alternative variant in which case, we clearly define the milestone budget for every project and advise you on possible project scope modifications.

Is your software
development taking
too long?

We have ready-made building blocks which help us save time on developing software from scratch. To accelerate the software development process we have enough human resource to scale up a project team quickly.

Is your software value
less than expected?

We’ll prioritize your software features and start implementing the most important ones first. Our IT consulting team will advise what features can be developed with relatively small investment.

Isn’t your software
development process
transparent enough?

At CodeRiders we provide reports for you to monitor the project team performance on the go. With our agile approach we facilitate direct communication with you using the best tech tools (i.e. Skype, Hangouts and Slack).

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Powering multiple industries through our experience, we have excelled in building solutions for the most demanded and largest industries.


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