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solid scope of work sow

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2021 - Yerevan, Armenia

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Who is this paper for?

Before hiring a software development company, it is important to specify exactly what you need out of the software outsourcing process and calculate your return on investments. A clear-cut, simple scope of work or technical specification document helps clarify what you need and how to achieve your goals with a skilled software outsourcing company.

We offer a white paper that shares the best practices of writing a scope of work with real software vendor evaluation, selection criteria, and SOW templates inside.

What’s inside?

  • How to increase your software vendor’s efficiency and productivity with a SOW document
  • How to enhance your benefits of working with a software development company with a clear-cut technical specification document
  • Which are the most useful software documents and what you should include in them
  • Top parameters to consider in your SOW
  • Software vendor evaluation spreadsheet template
  • How to write a clear description of your product and stress your key requirements
  • Budget, Engagement models, Partnership methods
  • Selection criteria template
  • And more

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