IT industry is one of the rapidly changing ones, and this brings up new innovations and alterations.The rising number of IT companies providing remote augmentation makes the recruiting process challenging.

To not sink in the ambiguity of information we should consider 2 main things before hiring a remote IT staff: Why do we need a remote staff and how to find the best company with remote augmentation.

For learning about pros and cons of remote working we suggest you read this article published by an online journal called Millennial Moderator. Here you can find much information on other IT related topics, as well. For learning the tricks of finding the best remote IT staff continue reading this article.

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7 hacks for a successful remote business partnership


  • Before starting your research, clearly identify what you need for your remote cooperation. This may include: 
  • Required technologies
  • Project size
  • Your budget
  • Staff size
  • Frequency of digital meetings
  • The need of sometimes face-to-face interaction
  • You may need staff from specific locations, time zones.

Afterwards, narrow down your research according to your requirements.


Once you choose a couple of companies, start observing their websites, social networking profiles, etc. Read some feedbacks and other articles about the company, and make sure they are offering quality service.

As an example, you can check one of CodeRiders’ company review on

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Once you find your ideal remote staff, make a connection with them. Take the e-mail address or a phone number from their website and reach out for a remote partnership offer.

Looking from the perspective of the agencies, it’s very important to keep up-to-date contacts. We at CodeRiders constantly update our contact info to make sure we don’t miss out on any opportunity for exciting remote partnerships.

After taking out the contacts, reach out to the company’s business development specialist or a person responsible for international relations. Discuss the technical parts such as the working hours, location, used technologies, price and every other detail important for you. This will help you avoid wasting time on the wrong candidate in further recruiting stages.

Finally, when you think of the remote IT company, as a potential co-operator appoint a call with the company’s remote IT team lead. If you are not an IT professional, find someone who is aware of the topic and let them chat. This will help you be more confident about your choice.

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Once the bond is made, fact-check your candidate for a remote partnership. Create a task, which will fully re-submit the information given in the company’s CV. If you somehow feel a little down about the company’s remote staff, there is also another option. Check references. Previous employers are always honest and open about their ex-vendors.

However, don’t go too far trying to pre-check everything. A considerate selection of an IT company offering a remote staff augmentation for outsourcing partners is an informed purchase, although there is still a bit of gambling. Remote staff is a little risky, but you save time and can always quit if something goes wrong. 

Speaking about the agencies, correct info wins the trust. Don’t overwhelm your portfolio with incorrect information. The clients will check anyway and it will only weaken their trust.

You can check our CodeRiders’ trustworthy portfolio as an example.


Keep a deep eye on the overall communication process. Remember communication is extremely important. One of the minuses of hiring remote staff is a possible weak communication so make sure everything is fine with you. Agencies usually put huge emphasis on everyday reports. We at CodeRiders consider communication an extremely important factor for successful teamwork. We have our programmers and project managers working tightly and always available for the clients. We usually use agile methodology for project management but are open for new suggestions.


Monitoring and time tracking is always easier if working with remote staff. The controlling process is done from both sides: your own project managers and partner agency’s project managers. Collective teamwork always pays off. Meantime the partner agency’s reputation is on stake. CodeRiders uses Hubstaff, Clockify, Toggl time tracking tools. These are very reliable but we also don’t mind to work with others.

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Having face to face meetings with the team is always helping to get to know each other well and to keep smoother relations. Hence, if there is a chance to travel to the outsourcing country, don’t miss the chance to meet the staff. On the other hand, if there is a chance to invite the remote team members to your country for a week or so, it would help a lot in building far stronger relationships.

In Conclusion

Office work and face to face interactions are just the working routines we all are used to. While the 21st century of digital opportunities gives us an awesome chance to work remotely without missing life outside offices. Why not use it?

As a Software Development Agency offering remote IT staff augmentation, we at CodeRiders are a team of tech-skilled professionals. We’re friends, mastered in different modern programming tools, offering our remote partnership. We’ve managed to complete a number of projects for different remote outsourcing companies worldwide and the key of our success is a friendly atmosphere and a teamwork. We do it and so can you!


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