CodeRiders software outsourcing firm has recently been recognized among the top IT companies in Armenia specializing in web design and development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development by Tech Behemoths. 

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CodeRiders software outsourcing firm is recognized among the top IT companies in Armenia specializing in web design and development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development by Tech Behemoths.

Why CodeRiders?

1. Armenian tech companies are under the observance

TechBehemoths constantly checks the Armenian IT industry and considers it one of the world's fast-growing tech hubs. According to TechBehemoths, Armenia has a reputation as the main Caucasian hub for software development, industrial computing, and electronics.

In Armenia, the IT industry is one of the significant sectors of the country's overall economy. According to Armenian National Statistics Service, the ICT sector grew by 5.3% in the last year, and its value is more than $170 million.

Foreign investments also play a key role in the rapid growth of the Armenian tech sector. The main thing foreign investors love about Armenia is its large, high-quality talent pool and affordable prices compared to other countries, tech giants, and software outsourcing hubs.

For example:

  • Over the past 18 months, Armenia-based tech startups have received a huge wave of international investments, with the total amount accumulating to more than $200 million.
  • More world-famous giants opened their branches in Armenia (the most recent one is Semrush).

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Besides valuing the quality of software outsourcing services by CodeRiders, TechBehemoths trusts our professionals individually. For example, lately, TechBehemoths interviewed the business development executive of CodeRiders, Anna Khachatrian. She spoke about her story of becoming a professional digital marketing and business development specialist in the software development industry. She also shared her tips and tricks for always staying updated and ready for challenges. Check Anna’s story below.

Interview with Anna Khachatrian - Business Development Executive at CodeRiders

Anna from CodeRiders shares her experience working with one of the best Armenian IT companies

2. CodeRiders is among the most reputable small tech companies in Armenia

If you try to search for Armenia-based small tech companies, web development, and design companies, or custom software outsourcing providers, you can not overlook CodeRiders.

The software company has been in the Armenian tech industry for almost a decade. CodeRiders was initially established as a software development school back in 2013. In just a year, the school gave more than 800 alumni, 15 out of whom were chosen to form CodeRiders software outsourcing firm. Ever since the company has completed more than 300 projects and worked with 68 professionals from various parts of the world. 

CodeRiders software development company has been in the international IT industry for 9 years and worked on more than 300 software outsourcing projects

Our expertise includes building, implementing, and maintaining complex software solutions for:

  • An enterprise software solution (ErpTech/Enterprise software solutions),
  • Media and entertainment industry (Media and entertainment software solutions),
  • Digital marketing and analytics industry (Marketing and analytics software solutions),
  • Real estate industry  (PropTech software solutions),
  • Healthcare industry (HealthTech software solutions),
  • Finance industry (FinTech software solutions),
  • Education industry (EdTech software solutions),
  • Retail and wholesale industry (E-commerce software solutions),
  • Legal industry (Legal software solutions),
  • Transportation and logistics industry (Logistics software solutions).

CodeRiders provides IT staffing services

CodeRiders’ tech services include:

  • Web development and design,
  • Custom software development,
  • Software outsourcing and IT consulting,
  • Mobile app development.

CodeRiders is a recognized software outsourcing firm among the following reputable tech directories and awards:

Best Armenian IT company by Tech Behemoths CodeRiders during Hannover Messe 2022

Our rewards include:

  • The best PHP development company,
  • Best web design company,
  • The best mobile app development company,
  • The best web development company,
  • Best software development partner,
  • Best custom software development company
  • Best software development company in education,
  • Top E-commerce Company, and more.

The main tech stack of our software developers includes the world's most-used tech languages and frameworks, such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, Python, etc. For hybrid mobile app development, we use Ionic and Flutter. Check out our complete list of tech stacks here.

Besides providing a complete software development team, we also do outstaffing at CodeRiders. Outstaffing is the process of providing individual dedicated developers who work as part of the hiring company. In outstaffing, it is crucial for the clients to fully trust the new employee. At CodeRiders, we ensure our clients get all the necessary information about our software developer before hiring them. Besides setting individual online meetings with a specific software developer, we also organize quick test tasks if necessary. We also share interviews with our software developers on our blog, allowing them to express their opinion and share their knowledge, expertise, and story. Check out some of them below:

Why do companies from various industries worldwide choose CodeRiders?

  • High-quality software development and design services available at affordable prices.

Today finding qualified software developers at affordable prices is a tough task. Every business needs automation and digitalization at some level, and there is a massive need for building and implementing software solutions to stay competitive in the industry. This issue is even more highlighted in highly developed countries, which have extremely high software development rates. For example, the annual salary of an average software developer falls between the following rates based on country:

Switzerland: $127.011,

USA: $92.232,

UK: $78.528.

Why do companies from various industries worldwide choose CodeRiders?

Of course, these rates change based on seniority level and tech stack. However, not too much. On the flip side, an average software developer in Armenia gets $25-$55 per hour based on seniority level and tech stack. As you see, the difference is huge, yet the service quality is the same.

  • Business owners have no additional expenses if they hire dedicated software developers. For example, space rent, employee health insurance expenses, etc.
  • Flexible timing. We are in GTC +4 time zone, quite close to the CET time zone.
  • Possibility to expand team upon request right from the software outsourcing company. This consequently decreases the time spent on the new employee adaptation process.
  • Less involvement in a technical job if the client does not want to. Hiring dedicated software developers are not the same as hiring freelancers. If you hire dedicated software developers from a software development company, you do outstaffing. This means your dedicated software developers are not the only ones responsible for the quality of their work.

Software development lifecycle (SDLC) with CodeRiders

At CodeRiders, we ensure transparent and simple software development cooperation with the client. We customize each process based on the specific expertise and goals of a client. However, after all, a typical software development cooperation with CodeRiders is in the following way.

We start with free software development consultation and support. At this stage, we learn about the potential client's concern and think of a solution. We go on with the design and architecture process based on the software outsourcing engagement model and company-specific goals. If the client has an SOW document at hand, providing a time and budget estimate is simple and quick. The next stage includes the actual software development and implementation, following software development maintenance and support.

Download CodeRiders’ guide to writing a simple and easy SOW document with a sample.

free white paper

how to write a solid scope of work sow

In conclusion, at CodeRiders, we value all the reputable tech directories and awards that have been continuously including our software outsourcing firm in the top IT companies in Armenia and worldwide. Our software developers and the whole team work hard to fulfill each client's goals and software solutions individually. TechBehemoths' recognition encourages team CodeRiders to stay on top of the Armenian tech industry. 


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