The design and layout of your website are critical for the success of your business. According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and layout are unattractive. Thus, it is natural that hiring web designers is a “hot topic” nowadays.

The world’s leading B2B marketplace for connecting businesses with qualified software outsourcing companies has issued the March list of top web design companies. CodeRiders Software Development Company is in the world’s top 10 web design outsourcing companies by DesignRush.

The team CodeRiders was chosen based on a careful examination of one of the best tech directories,  DesignRush. They made the list of the best web design companies based on the productive web design outsourcing services that increase online engagement and conversions of various companies worldwide.

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Why does CodeRiders deserve to be among the top web design companies worldwide?

  • We provide high-quality design and software development outsourcing services.
  • Our UI/UX designers are well-prepared, skilled in working remotely, and know the tips and tricks of working with international partners.
  • Hiring remote web designers from CodeRiders means working with designers that possess a great sense of creative, technical, graphic,  and communication skills.
  • Our web designers can give constructive feedback and ideas when clients need them.
  • Our web designers can work on your project regardless of where you stand in with it (for example, you need to start from scratch, redesign an entire website, etc.).

Discuss your IT needs with our director of business development

Besides providing qualified and highly-skilled web designers, at CodeRiders all our software engineers have a "sense of design". They easily communicate and cooperate with designers and sometimes perform some designer tasks themselves. This is also a huge driving factor to being among the top web design companies by the world's leading IT directories.

About CodeRiders

CodeRiders is an Armenia-based software outsourcing company. We have been in the international IT industry for 9 years. Our company was initially established as a software development school. The school gave 800+ alumni, and 10 out of the best students later formed the team CodeRiders.

Currently our team consists of 16 software engineers, UI/UX designers, and a business development department. Most of our team members have started their careers with CodeRiders and share a sense of strong team spirit. This company culture is one of CodeRiders' strong advantages that is highly appreciated by our clients. 

Our software development outsourcing services include:

  1. Web development and design,
  2. Custom software development,
  3. Software outsourcing and outstaffing,  
  4. Mobile app development and design.

Hiring UI/UX web designers from CodeRiders software development company is beneficial

Industries we have expertise in

We worked with companies of various industries from different parts of the world. CodeRiders had clients from the USA, Central, and Western Europe, South Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Australia. We worked on complex HealthTech, e-learning, transportation, media and entertainment, FinTech, e-commerce, travel and tourism, marketing, and analytics software solutions.

Are you looking for web design services?

We worked on the design and development of software projects from scratch. We also rebuilt and carried on with existing projects. 

Some of our best software development projects include a wealth management system. Our web development team worked on the following functions:

  • Create transaction,
  • Transfer balance to another account,
  • Various file type generation (XML, CSV, TXT, etc.) for sending requests to banks,
  • Various types of bank response parsing reports generation (web view, PDF generation, XLSX generation.

Here is our client’s review:
Clients appreciate CodeRiders' web design and development services

Check out more reviews and project descriptions in our portfolio section.

Our tech stack

At CodeRiders, our main tech stack includes:

Back-End Development

  •  PHP, Laravel,
  •  Node.js, Express,,
  •  C#, .Net,
  •  Python,
  •  RESTful API, LinkedIn API, Facebook API, Twitter API

Front-End Development

  • JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, Angular 2+,
  • React,
  • HTML5,
  • CSS3,
  • Bootstrap 3,4


  • SQL Server,
  • MySQL,
  • MongoDB,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • SQLite,
  • Elasticsearch,
  • Cassandra,
  • Dynamo

Cloud and DevOps

  • Amazon web services (AWS),
  • Jenkins,
  • Kubernetes,
  • Google Cloud,
  • Docker,
  • Azure

Others: Vagrant, Docker, Redis, Memcached, Apache, Linux, WAMP, LAMP, MEAN stack, SVN/Git.

Hiring web designers and software engineers from CodeRiders is beneficial in many ways. Such as, we make sure our remote software engineers and web designers follow the latest updates in the IT industry. We also encourage our employees to widen their technical skills and learn new technologies. Our employees, in their turn, embrace new challenging projects and are not afraid of working on complex software outsourcing projects. Because of our big talent pool, we can quickly add new team members with the required tech stack upon request.

Web design and development are easy with CodeRiders

Our recognition, awards, nominations

Leading international IT directories and awards recognize our software development house among the top web design companies and best software outsourcing service providers. Due to the quality of our software engineers, UI/UX designers, and positive reviews from our clients, we are pleased to be included in the following charts:

Frequently asked questions from our clients

How can I get near-to-precise cost and time estimates for my software project?

Everyone wants to have complete control over their finances, assess and reduce risks before starting the software development process. Naturally, all businesses tend to cooperate with those software outsourcing firms that give precise time and budget estimates, guaranteeing smooth communication. However, trusting a software vendor that offers estimates without initial information about the software outsourcing project is not always safe. Top software development companies give accurate estimates only if they have the following information at hand from their client:

  • Complete list of requirements (technical documentation, SOW document)
  • Full picture and understanding of your end product

On the other hand, if you do not exactly know your end product, you can work with the time and material software development methodology.

free white paper

how to write a solid scope of work sow

What do I need to know before contacting a software development company?

You should have your clear-cut goals before contacting a software house. It does not matter if you have a full pack of clearly written requirements or want to work with milestones, in any case, you should know your purpose. If you are clear about your goal, you will avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication with your qualified software vendor.

Who is responsible for the client-software vendor communication process?

Top software development companies have project managers who take care of productive and easy-going communication between the software developers and the client. However, in some cases having a team lead is enough.

Why hiring web designers from your software development company is beneficial?

Top web design companies communicate closely with their clients to understand their needs. Web design is not only for making a website pretty. A responsive and user-friendly web design encourages visitors to take action. For example, if your goal is to hit the "contact us" button every time your customers visit your website, you should invest in hiring UI/UX designers and creating a catchy website look.

Check out the complete list of FAQs about software development process in our previous article.

Why hiring web designers from CodeRiders is beneficial?

Why do international companies choose CodeRiders to build bespoke software?

  • Affordable prices and high-quality service go hand-in-hand.
  • We can work on the project regardless of its stage of the software development lifecycle. We can start building and designing custom software from scratch, working on maintenance and support of your software, adding new features to your already-existing software, fixing issues, etc.
  • Our remote software engineers and designers have started their career paths with CodeRiders. Most of them are graduates of CodeRiders software development school. They all have their unique working style and know the keys to effective teamwork. So we build projects more quickly and do not offer unnecessary resources.
  • You have an opportunity to hire remote software developers and web designers quickly. CodeRiders has a big talent pool, and if you need more labor for your projects, we can easily add new team members who will be prepared to work effectively without wasting time.
  • You can directly work with our software developers and designers. You will be convinced that you will have no communication or language issues even without hiring PMs.
  • We have good business development specialists. They are ready to discuss your project, offer solutions for quicker and more beneficial software development, share their professional opinion free of charge.
  • We offer the latest tech stack.
  • You can test our developers and UI/UX designers before working with them (interviews, test tasks, etc.).

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A typical software development lifecycle with CodeRiders

A full-cycle software development and design process with CodeRiders looks like this.

We learn about your requirements and project through a consultation. Then identify your issue and offer our solution to your problem. Afterward, we provide you with design and architecture, start the software development and implementation process with QA (quality assurance) services. At the end, we provide maintenance and support.

A full software development lifecycle with CodeRiders is simple. We appoint free consultation, offer our solution, start software development and implementation, keep maintenance and support

How to reach out?

Leave us a message on our website, and one of our business development specialists will come back to you within a working day. 



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CodeRiders will address your web and mobile development challenges by creating custom software, helping with outsourcing services, or just consulting on your software development requirements.

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