2020 was a roller-coaster of appreciations and positive shifts for CodeRiders. We were honored and thrilled to receive good feedbacks and praising words both from our clients and various notable directory and review platforms of B2B IT service providers. In this article, we especially want to stress the recognition of CodeRiders as  “Best Software Development Partner” by EuroAsian Startup Awards, which was allotted both by the public vote and professional jury back before entering 2020. Fortunately, this wasn’t the only experience with the EuroAsian Startup Awards team with which we’ve already managed to become good friends.

The journey of CodeRiders’ further qualification as a reliable software development house carries on with 2021 as well. Last year’s success transferred our software development company automatically to further nominations. In 2021, we’re thrilled to announce our participation in multiple awards.

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This year, the team CodeRiders is nominated in the category of “People’s Choice – Startup” by Global Startup Awards and “Best Digital Transformers” by EuroAsian Startup Awards. Both events will be held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winners will be selected by the professional jury and public vote. We’ll greatly appreciate it if you give us a quick thumbs up by voting for us with the below links.

Meantime, we’re more than happy to give a short description of CodeRiders software development company and our software development solutions to those who’re new to our blog as well as provide fresh information to our followers. I’ll enumerate reasons why we’re worth being considered as a qualified nominee.

EuroAsian Startup Awards nominated CodeRiders in the category of Best Digital Transformers


Why Should CodeRiders Be Honored by “People’s Choice - Startup” Award by GSA?

CodeRiders is an Armenia-based custom software development company. The software development house started its journey as a web development school back in 2013 and throughout the 7 years of its operation in the international market, the team CodeRiders has managed to build a good reputation in the information technology and software development industry. We’ve already taken our place among the lists of qualified software development companies in the world. Some of our services include web development and design, custom software development and support, outsourcing, and IT consulting. For more in-detail information we suggest visiting our solutions page.

Besides being dedicated to the idea of automation saving time and nerves, we’re committed to building long-term and reliable partnerships with our clients. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons that CodeRiders is constantly being honored by rewards for various categories from notable directory and review platforms of B2B IT service providers, well-respected local and international awards, as well as good reviews from satisfied customers. We also filed up our accomplishments in 2020 along with some predictions about software development trends in 2021 in this article. If you’re looking for fresh news make sure to check this out, as well as contact us for more details. Our consulting services are free of charge and besides giving rough estimates we’re also open to friendly discussions and giving advice based on our professional experience.

If you’re CodeRiders’ partner, expect to get constant assistance and support throughout the software development process and after the end of the project in case you face any difficulties or need to add new IT solutions to cope with the rapidly growing market. We’re open to the popular industry standard engagement models such as time and material, project-based, staff augmentation as well as your preferred custom and hybrid models.

Competitive and flexible software development costs

The team CodeRiders constantly pushes itself towards the realization of new ideas and accomplishments. Having a restricted growth or expansion is not among our interests. We constantly work on expanding our friendly team and the scope of services. For a quick throwback, we welcomed 3 new employees to our team in 2020 and welcomed back our previous software developer. Our software development house was initially established as a coding school, and in a year gave more than 800 students. Thus, luckily, we’re also among the qualified software development companies that have a large pool of experts to choose from in case there is an urgent need for additional software developers. On the other hand, we have already expanded our services by adding Flutter, Dart, C#, .Net, React, and WordPress technologies to our core tech stack and are motivated to expand further during 2021.

The industries we worked for so far, include EdTech and E-learning, HealthTech and Telemedicine, E-commerce, Retail and Wholesale, Financial services, Investment management, Media and Entertainment, and Legal. This year, we’re excited to gain experience working with companies from new industries and are sure that our skilled software gurus will have no problem with that. If you have an idea in your mind, or simply need a quick consultation, don’t hesitate to drop us a message via an e-mail or through our contact us form.

get to know our team and software solutions

Contact us

Our business development team will get back to you at the earliest. Usually, a standard introduction and a possible cooperation process with CodeRiders works like this:

  1. Identifying the issue and consulting
  2. Providing a solution
  3. Software development and implementation
  4. Maintenance and support  

Partnership process with CodeRiders software development house

We strongly believe that a well-organized and clear software development process is the basis of successful software development outsourcing. If you’re interested in learning more about our previous projects and reading feedback from our clients, we suggest checking our portfolio.

Why should CodeRiders win the reward of “Best Digital Transformers” by EASA?

CodeRiders software development house is led with a belief that certain strategies and business-driven methods should be implemented throughout a business development lifecycle. One of them is working on valuable and justified investments with promising ROIs. To achieve these goals, simply powerful solutions with state-of-the-art technology and innovations should be implemented. Automation cuts off both additional expenses on labor and time spent on daily manual activities. This in its turn is possible with the help of software development companies or in more creative words “digital transformers”, CodeRiders strives to transform businesses to the next level and to make sure our clients are getting the best out of their investments by implementing rational business development plans and strategies. Consider innovative and top-notch software solutions as possible “troubleshooters”.

Do you need experienced web designers and developers

Some reasons that make us stand out from other custom software development companies or “digital transformers” include:

Quality service and affordable prices

CodeRiders is a software development company that has a physical appearance in Armenia. Meanwhile, our client pool is formed by companies from various countries. So far, we’ve managed to work with clients from the USA, Canada, Central and Northern Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Australia. So, we’re providing remote software development solutions to our clients. In the meantime, we all know that software development outsourcing is rather affordable. However, one of the major challenges that businesses face in hiring custom software development companies is the lack of physical interaction and fear of failure. Our biggest advantage at CodeRiders is the ability to provide clear and precise communication with high-quality services. So, if you’re having trouble finding a good vendor, feel free to let us know.

CodeRiders senior-level software developers working on projects


Flexible staff, services, and solutions

Most of the time businesses struggle with finding a single software development house that can solve their multiple technical issues. I’m not saying that we do everything, however, the scope of our services is wider and our software gurus aren’t afraid to work on new projects if they’re sure about their success. For example, we’re capable of building web applications, as well as mobile applications both for Android and iOS users. You can count on us for web design and development, QA services, project management, individual dedicated developers, even helping with writing down a simple scope of work document for your project, and not only. 

free white paper

how to write a solid scope of work sow

We hope this article will embolden and motivate business owners and CEOs to embrace innovations during the upheavals of their business development lifecycle.  We do hope favorable events will be carried out throughout the year for everybody, and the world will get back on track soon.

Meantime, we’re excited to open the year with a positive note and look forward to the results of the EASA and GSA with the hope to be appreciated again. If you find us a worthy nominee please don’t forget to vote for us both on EASA and GSA websites.

About EASA and GSA: EurAsian Startup Awards (EASA) is a platform that gives a chance to startups, business owners, future entrepreneurs to be heard and recognized by the world. The goal is to find local industry game-changers, connect them to the global ecosystem, and grab the fortunate shot towards an international expansion. Certain promising startups from various countries are chosen to be nominees for specific categories after which the winners are automatically transferred and contend in the Global Startup Awards.



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