CodeRiders closes the year 2022 with a lot of international recognition. This time we received three recognitions at once from two different software vendor directories.

Why choose CodeRiders for your software development needs?

Throughout the years, CodeRiders has built a strong partnership with these world-famous software vendor directories. Both and TDA (Top Digital Agency) are highly appreciated and followed by international organizations as trustworthy sources for finding software outsourcing companies. Therefore, being trusted by these directories is not an easy task. Software vendors should prove that their services offer quality and professionalism, which is exactly what we did.

With the help of client feedback, demonstrated portfolio, and the individual introductions of our qualified software engineers, we have gained trust.

You can check out our software developers’ interviews and other useful information about software outsourcing on our blog.

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The Motive For Publishing These Lists

In the latest years, both small and medium-sized companies, enterprises, and local or international organizations have realized that digitalization rules the world. The daily upgraded flexible digital solutions and the horrible pandemic have forced businesses to realize the power of automation and digital-friendly operational models.

TopDevelopers recognizes CodeRiders among the 500 fastest growing software outsourcing firms in the world

Naturally, the search for the best software development companies and the need for top-notch software outsourcing services have reached their peak. With this in mind, experts at have decided to shortlist the 500 fastest-growing software development service providers worldwide to help organizations find trustworthy software outsourcing companies rapidly and easily.

The experts conducted rigorous research, so to make the list, the software development houses should have had extensive experience attending to the needs of clients worldwide. They should have also been able to deliver quality on time.

TDA (Top Digital Agency):

TDA values service quality, recent projects, the software vendor's expertise in the field, and their willingness to educate their community by publishing helpful and informative articles on TDA.

CodeRiders software outsourcing firm is a recognized app design and development company worldwide

Besides the solid proof of our quality service, at CodeRiders, we stress the importance of helping our clients get on track and building strong, professional, and long-lasting relationships. That is why we run a blog, invest time and effort into finding concerning topics in the industry, and share our expertise through articles.

About us, CodeRiders

CodeRiders is a software development company with a wide-ranging set of technology capabilities to build solutions for your business needs.

We are an Armenia-based software outsourcing firm with 9 years of experience in the international IT industry. We are located in a tech hub, which allows us to offer quality service at affordable prices. Our qualified software engineers, developers, and IT professionals have successfully delivered 50+ projects and worked with 34 clients from every continent. We built custom software solutions that currently have more than 250K+ users. 

Our software development services include: 

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Some of our most popular software solutions include CRM and e-commerce systems, API integrations, real-time software development, big data and analytics, IoT (internet of things), BI (business intelligence) software solutions, and more. 

We built software solutions for various industries such as:

  • Proptech (real estate) software solutions
  • HealthTech (healthcare and hospital) software solutions
  • E-learning or EdTech software solutions
  • E-commerce (retail and wholesale) software solutions
  • Marketing and analytics software solutions
  • Media and entertainment software solutions
  • Agriculture and farming software solutions
  • Transportation and logistic software solutions
  • Tavel and tourism software solutions 
  • InTech or finance software solutions 
  • Legal software solutions

Read articles about the most profitable software solutions in each of these industries on our blog

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At CodeRiders, we believe that people make a difference. We are united around one big goal, which is to "simplify people's jobs globally with state-of-the-art solutions. We believe that time is precious, and automation should save it. We value excellence, efficiency, genuine care, and team spirit.

Working with CodeRiders is easy

Our software engineers and IT professionals are trained to work with both technical and non-technical people. So, even if our client does not have much experience in IT, they are safe with us. We will walk you through the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC) or some stages of it (depending on the project) according to your requirements. The client decides the amount of involvement in the software outsourcing partnership. You can explain your project requirements to us and lean on our professional team to provide the software solutions you need, or you can be fully and actively involved in the software development process.

A typical, full-cycle software development process with CodeRiders looks like this

Stage 1: Issue and consulting

At first, we identify the client's issue through meetings and discussions. If the client has technical documentation, this stage usually doesn't take long; otherwise, we assist the client in writing one.

Check out our guide to writing simple technical documentation for your project with a real sample.

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how to write a solid scope of work sow

If the client does not have a clearly defined goal, we suggest proceeding with the time and material software development engagement model. This model is usually typical of Agile software development methodology, where the project is divided into milestones, and the client is free to change their tasks and only pay for the work that is done. Learn more about Agile software development in this article

We support other software development engagement models besides the time and material model. It usually depends on the project and the client's requirements. The other popular ones include: 

Software outsourcing consultation is FREE service provided by CodeRiders business development specialists. 

CodeRiders' engagement models

Stage 2: CodeRiders' solution

After completing the above-mentioned step, we will be able to provide the correct and most beneficial software outsourcing solution for your custom project. This stage usually includes the completion of the features document in detail. As mentioned earlier, we work both with Agile and Waterfall methodologies, so you can choose whichever tactic you want or offer your custom one.

Stage 3: Design and architecture

After sorting out the feature, requirements document, or technical documentation, CodeRiders' professionals, software engineers and developers, designers, architects, and market research team proceed with defining the outlook of the solution. We create prototypes to visualize how your software will look and ensure we are on the right way.

Stage 4: Software development

This is when the actual software development begins.

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Stage 5: Implementation and QA

As the name implies, the implementation and QA stage is when our team starts working on software implementation and keeps track of the work quality, bug fixes, and reports.

Stage 6: Software development maintenance and support

Software development maintenance and supports appears after the total completion of the project when the client wants to update the software, add or remove any features or fix issues that may come across during the software usage.

We explained what a complete software development lifecycle looks like, but of course, this does not mean that every client should follow all these steps. How the partnership process will develop depends on the specifications of your interests and project goals. So, of course, you can skip some of these stages or follow the whole "package".

Questions about software outsourcing

About is a leading directory, research, and review platform for web developers, mobile app developers, software developers, and other service providers. The directory helps introduce the right technology partners to service seekers. The finest 500 companies listed for web development include only the top firms that can help develop world-class software. The list has proven to be a big help for businesses, making it easy to find and hire the best software development companies (including CodeRiders).

What says about CodeRiders

"Our team is proud to rise to this occasion and bring laurels to their company. It is a reward to be included in the Finest 500 list. Our tireless efforts to deliver only the best products and services to our clients have paid off. If you are an enterprise looking for developmental talent, you should visit our Coderiders profile on to know all about us and our successful projects along with what our clients have to say".

TDA recognizes CodeRiders software outsourcing companys web development and design services among the top 10 best ones

About TDA:

TDA offers an all-in-one project management solution. It streamlines the process of hiring, managing, and financing service providers for digital projects. TDA's overall goal is to build a strong team with high-level industry knowledge and nurture solid relationships with top service providers around the world to ensure business owners find the best match for their business needs.



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CodeRiders will address your web and mobile development challenges by creating custom software, helping with outsourcing services, or just consulting on your software development requirements.

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