A reputable tech directory, TechReviewer.co, has included CodeRiders software outsourcing firm in their recent list of the Best Software Development Companies of 2023.

About Techreviewer IT directory

Techreviewer.co is a trusted analytical hub that carries out studies and compiles lists of top software development, marketing, and IT consulting companies. With a mission to help businesses connect with reliable tech partners, Techreviewer.co provides objective performance reviews and rankings based on an exhaustive research process and analysis.

International recognition creates good authority for any software development company and validates the quality of their software development services. Therefore, being featured in this prestigious list is, of course, a pleasant appreciation for our company.

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Here is What Techreviewer Team Had to Say About CodeRiders

"To qualify for this honor, CodeRiders demonstrated exemplary performance in numerous areas, including customer satisfaction, innovation, business growth, and the overall impact of their software solutions on clients' businesses.

This accolade signifies the persistent efforts, passion, and innovation that the CodeRiders team has shown in delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge software solutions. Their recognition among the top 100 companies showcases their relentless pursuit of excellence, their commitment to superior client service, and the successful delivery of high-quality, bespoke software solutions.

With an unwavering dedication to adapting to the rapidly evolving tech landscape, CodeRiders has consistently demonstrated its ability to leverage emerging technologies, optimize the software development process, and create a more efficient and seamless workflow for clients. Through its continual commitment to technical excellence, this leading software development company has achieved remarkable growth and industry respect over the years.

CodeRiders has consistently maintained a strong ethos of driving digital transformation, offering comprehensive solutions from custom software development, web, and mobile application development to cloud services. Their technological prowess and customer-centric approach have helped countless businesses harness the power of digital technology and stay ahead of the curve.

Despite the competitive nature of the software industry, CodeRiders has managed to distinguish itself from its competitors by investing in its team's growth and development, encouraging innovative thinking, and fostering an environment where creativity and problem-solving are valued. This commitment to nurturing talent and prioritizing a collaborative work culture has fueled the company's ascension in the industry and contributed significantly to its inclusion in Techreviewer's esteemed list.

With this recognition, CodeRiders joins an elite group of top software development companies that are setting industry standards and advancing the field through the creation of innovative and practical solutions. This global recognition is a testament to CodeRiders' capabilities, prowess, and unique approach to software development.

The fact that Techreviewer.co, an organization renowned for its strict evaluation criteria and high standards, has recognized CodeRiders further underscores the company's quality, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction."

About CodeRiders

CodeRiders is a software development company operating in one of the world’s most reputable tech hubs, Armenia. The company was initially established as a software development school back in 2013. In just a year, CodeRiders’ tech school gave more than 800 alumni, 15 of whom were chosen to work in the newly founded CodeRiders software outsourcing company. We are proud to state that a significant percentage of our certified alumni currently work in industry-famous IT companies and have built successful careers for themselves.

Our company has been operating in the international IT industry for over 9 years.

CodeRiders software development company is among top software outsourcing firms in the world

We have successfully delivered over 52 projects and worked with more than 34 clients coming from various cultural and industrial backgrounds. We created cutting-edge software solutions for our clients, which have more than 250K users. Our client’s goals are different. For example, some of our clients need open-source software solutions to later showcase them to the world and give businesses a chance to use innovative solutions for their benefit. Some of these software solutions are presented on CodeRiders’ website, in the case studies section with the client’s feedback. On the other hand, we also build private software solutions for internal usage. These solutions are not included in our portfolio.

CodeRiders’ Services

We offer web development and design, mobile app development, custom software development, IT staff augmentation, IT outstaffing, and outsourcing services. Our software developers, engineers, architects, UI/UX designers, and other IT specialists are comfortable working both with their fellow colleagues from CodeRiders and other remote specialists or professionals within the client’s in-house team.

CodeRiders offers web development and design, mobile app development, software outsourcing, outstaffing, IT subcontracting, software maintenance and support services

Web Development and Design

CodeRiders’ front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers, UI/UX designers, and software architects work closely to deliver the smartest web solutions. You can trust both your simple and most complicated websites with multiple features to our tech team. CodeRiders’ IT team is also experienced in building, designing, maintaining, and upgrading web applications and progressive web applications (PWAs) that meet security standards and comply with SEO norms.

Mobile App Development Services

Our mobile app developers are experienced in building cross-platform or hybrid mobile applications which are currently the favorites of various C-level professionals and investors. Hybrid mobile applications are easy and fast to build. They do not need separate mobile app development teams for the two main operating systems, iOS and Android. Therefore, this makes the mobile app development process manageable and affordable.

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Custom Software Development Services

Our software developers, designers, and other IT specialists are constantly trained to stay updated with the latest IT solutions in various industries. We also stress the importance of our employees’ flexible communication skills and English language level. These strategies have proven to work effectively when delivering bespoke software solutions to our clients. When it comes to custom software solutions with unique features, our employees are always prepared enough to ensure the client gets exactly what they need.

Software Outsourcing and Outstaffing Services

CodeRiders offers both individual software developers to join an already established in-house or remote team and a whole tech team. We offer software development team augmentation or outstaffing services, which means we provide single or several developers who quickly join your existing team, act according to your work manners, and work closely with you to achieve your tech goals. We also provide software outsourcing or offshore software development services, which means we create a complete software development team of software engineers, UI/UX designers, tech architects, project managers, business analysts, and testers who work together on your project. You are free to choose your engagement level in the project. Just explain your goals and leave the work to our professionals. IT subcontracting is also a common service from CodeRiders. We act as a 3rd-party software vendor to implement certain tasks and obligations. The cooperation happens under a well-defined contract called an IT subcontractor agreement. In this case, the third-party software vendor is the IT subcontractor.

Benefits You Will Get from Working with CodeRiders Software Vendor

  •          We offer comprehensive software development services.
  • Besides professional skills, our employees also possess nice-to-have soft skills, which help in delivering transparent communication and completing deadlines.
  • You have the opportunity to hire new professionals from us which will cut off new employees' onboarding time/costs and recruitment service fees.
  • We sign NDAs, and, in any case, you are the owner of your code, we only build your dream product for you.
  • We have proven testimonials and happy clients.
  • We offer close-to-reality estimates. 

Benefits of working with CodeRiders software outsourcing firm

To sum up, at CodeRiders, service quality, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service are precious values. By following our values, we continue to deliver cutting-edge software solutions to our clients, receive positive client feedback, and build reputable international recognition for our company, such as Techreviewer. co’s latest listing among the top 100 software development companies in 2023. 

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