40.14% of software developers and software development companies worldwide use React JavaScript framework, according to Statista’s 2021 report. According to the same source, JavaScript leads the list of the most used programming languages in the world as of 2021.

Meanwhile, according to Developer Economics, 53% of all software developers in the world use JavaScript occasionally or regularly.

As we see, following up the popularity of the JavaScript programming language in the past years, its framework React.js is overtaking the software development industry. A growing number of companies from various industries decide to hire React.js developers. 31.3% of professionals worldwide are currently utilizing React.js as their most-used framework. The number of React developers is increasing while a growing number of software development companies or businesses that need custom software solutions start including React.js in the major tech stack of their products. They hire software engineers from popular tech hubs choosing software outsourcing or outstaffing models or forming an in-house team.

Companies hire react developers worldwide following up its growing popularity among software development frameworks

Industry giants like Netflix, PayPal, eBay, and Airbnb hire React.js developers to work on scalable and easy-to-maintain software solutions.

We at CodeRiders software outsourcing firm did a mini-exploration based on our clients' requirements, past experiences, and market research. We share the belief that React.js is going to rule the international IT industry in the upcoming years.

We also decided to have a quick interview with one of our front-end developers, Garod Ajemian. Garod is a young software developer who loves programming, learning new technologies, working on complex projects, and communicating with clients from diverse national and cultural backgrounds. He has been working on multiple projects with JavaScript, React.js, and Vue.js.

Garod will speak about:

  • His experience as a software developer (front-end developer),
  • His experience in one of the most popular software outsourcing destinations or tech hubs (Armenia),
  • Advantages and disadvantages of React.js,
  • His opinion about the future of software development.

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- Hi Garod. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience as a software developer. To start, please represent yourself.

I am Lebanese Armenian. I was born and raised in Beirut and spent most of my life in Lebanon. So, I grew up in a multicultural environment. Back in school, my favorite subjects were mathematics and physics. Not to mention I was obsessed with technology from day one. After graduating from high school, I had two majors on my mind, computer science, and mechanical engineering. In the end, I decided to continue with computer science as I had a plan to move to Yerevan, Armenia. I learned software development and worked as a front-end developer in Beirut for some time and then moved to Yerevan.CodeRiders software outsourcing company members are reviewing a new custom software development project- How is Armenia connected with your decision to become a software developer?

- Armenia is a small country in the South Caucasian region. Many people don't know much about Armenia as it is very tiny. However, growing up, I have heard an increasing number of people recognize my historical homeland as a very famous tech hub. It was a very motivating and exciting experience. I was happy to hear people talk about Armenia. It was also very impressive to learn that a small country could position itself so successfully in the international IT industry. We are speaking about such giants as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, European and Asian countries, South Africa, Latin American countries, etc. The total number of software developers in these countries is more than the whole population of Armenia (2.5 million people), yet Armenia competes alongside these countries. This is just amazing. So, I combined my passion for computer science and my dream of living in my historical homeland and made what seemed a perfect decision, to become a software developer and to move to Armenia.

I moved to Yerevan 2 years ago. As soon as I had settled, I started searching for front-end software developer jobs on job websites. One day I also decided to look for the top 10 software development companies in Armenia. That is how I came across CodeRiders. Even though they had no job openings, I sent my portfolio and CV because I felt I would get along with the team. They quickly replied to my email and scheduled an interview with me. I talked with the CEO and the business development director of CodeRiders. I specialized in only front-end development at that time, so they suggested having a probationary period during which they would also teach me back-end development. I immediately agreed to join the team, and after two months, I officially became a CodeRider.

Do you want to discuss your technical needs with software professionals?

Let’s speak a little about CodeRiders. What do you like about CodeRiders, and how did you know you would get along with the team?

- Well, I did some research about CodeRiders before contacting them. I checked their social media, saw team activities and images, checked out their website, and read some of their articles. We all had this gut feeling at least once in our lives, right? When you are sure something is for you, it is your style. That is what happened to me, and I was not wrong. Right from the beginning, when they contacted me for an online interview, I knew this would work. When we started talking, I noticed they did not want to hire a software developer who would just do his/her job. They were genuinely interested in my experience and knowledge and tried to figure out how we could help each other.

From the first day, I felt like I have joined a new family. People here care about each other and are always ready to help. On the other hand, there is trust. CodeRiders treats their employees as part of a big family and then gives them freedom. This is an amazing technique. It does work. Employees have flexible working hours and can work from wherever is convenient for them, and the work quality will never suffer. So, first, team spirit, a family-like atmosphere, trust, then freedom and flexibility.

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- Which software development technologies are you currently specializing in, and what do you specifically like about them?

- I am currently specializing in front-end development, which is the development of the design and functionalities of an application. As for the technologies, I mainly use React.js and Vue.js. What I like most about them is that they use component-based development, which helps to accelerate and facilitate the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC). Component-based development is creating each part of the website on its own, reusing them in multiple places just like a LEGO.

CodeRiders software development company reactjs developer Garod working remotely

Building and implementing robust products is a huge "must" for me. It is a part of my philosophy in my career. I feel good and satisfied working with React.js, especially when reusing the components. I do not have to create a new component for a specific function. Instead, I can work with an existing component and stay focused on the reusability of this component. This is amazing because it saves a lot of time. I do not have to start all over again. In the meantime, I can maintain consistency when working on multiple projects.

We all know that all businesses, regardless of their size, industry, and goals, expect fast results. Besides delivering bug-free code, you should also be on time to satisfy the client. With React.js, it is possible to complete projects within the given budget and on time. I think that also plays role in its popularity besides simplicity, easy-to-learn, user-friendliness, components, and reusability. In addition, when you work with Vue.js, the software development process is much faster and simple as it uses templates. It is great for simple projects and small apps, and when the complexity level rises, it is advisable to choose React. So, I get why React.js has taken the lead as the world’s most-used framework.

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- What is the future of software development, and which technologies will rule the IT industry?

- Software development is the future in general. I think the tech world will never stop growing. As for the technologies, I cannot tell you which technologies will rule the IT industry because each year or two, we are getting some new technologies. But one thing I can assure you is that JavaScript (JS) will stay the most-used programming language of the Frontend development for the next decades. I believe it may even “compete” with Python in Machine learning and Data Analysis. It is omnipresent in multiple fields like:

  • Front-end development,
  • Back-end development,
  • Mobile application development (hybrid and native mobile app development),
  • PWA (Progressive web application) development with Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js.

- We have already talked about the reasons React.js is so popular these days. However, to sum up, can you please enumerate some advantages and disadvantages of React.js?

- These are the main pros and cons of the React.js framework, which I think all React.js developers know about:

Advantages of React JS:

  • Easy to learn and understand for software developers because it has good resources for training and multiple tutorials. It is especially very easy and fast to learn when you know JavaScript,
  • React.js has a handy set of tools,
  • Fast development because of its reusable components,
  • Good performance as React.js manages a virtual DOM, that deals with HTML, XML, or XHTML.
  • Easy for testing with the help of native tools,
  • React.js supports the building of machine-readable codes, in the meantime, it is easy to create dynamic web applications with React.js,
  • SEO-friendly.

Disadvantages of React JS:

  • Only covers the Frontend development of an application,
  • Uses JSX, which is the combination of HTML and JS.

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- In your opinion, what kind of projects will benefit from using React.js technology?

- Although React.js applications can run on a server that amplifies the navigation of various search engines, I think the best use of React JS is when creating content management websites because these kinds of websites don’t require SEO- friendliness. Content management systems hire React.js developers for this reason as well. SEO is search engine optimization, which helps your website to appear in the users’ searches. If you care for the SEO, meaning you want to develop an e-commerce website, you need to go with Next JS, a React framework that solves SEO issues.

In need of additional technical support?

- Will you describe your current project at CodeRiders software development company?

- I currently work on an Investment website. The client is from Germany. I work as a Frontend developer, using Vue JS, which is also a JavaScript framework. My main responsibilities are creating new pages and writing automated tests for them. We use the Scrum methodology for the development process, which is a set of rules or practices to make your development process better.

- How do you handle remote communication with the client?

- Slack and Google Meet facilitate communication between the developer and the clients. We also have a daily meeting with the developers to quickly inform each other about the process of our work. We use Agile methodology, which is very convenient for projects with no fixed scope of work.

free white paper

how to write a solid scope of work sow

- Will you speak about your everyday routine at CodeRiders and your relationship with your teammates?

- As I mentioned earlier, our working schedule is very flexible. I prefer working from the office because in the office I have lots of ways to ease my mind. For example, if I am stuck on a problem, I take a quick break and have fun playing billiards, baby-foot, or PlayStation. Also, my teammates are always ready to help. I also mentioned earlier that I felt like a family with my team. That is because we don’t only work together, but we also plan corporate activities together.

- Which is your all-time favorite project and why? 

- My all-time favorite project is my current one because I have more responsibilities and learned lots of new stuff. For example, I started developing all the pages from zero by myself, plus learned to write automated tests.

React engineer Garod celebrating New Year with CodeRiders software outsourcing company

- Which technologies are you most interested in learning for the future? 

- As software developers, it is a must for us to learn new technologies, because the industry is growing every day, and you should always keep yourself updated so that you grow with it. Currently, I am learning web 3.0 and solidity, which are the technologies that integrate the cryptocurrency world into software development.

 Thank you, Garod, for sharing your experience as a software developer and your knowledge about the current IT industry.

In addition, and as a final word, all these advantages that have brought React.js to the top of the most-used frameworks worldwide, it is also very affordable to hire React.js developers.

In popular software outsourcing destinations or tech hubs like Armenia, a regular React.js developer's hourly rate is between $30-$80, based on the developer’s seniority level. While the general picture across the world is quite different. For instance, an average annual salary of a React software engineer based on a country is as follows:

  • Switzerland: $127.011
  • USA: $92.232
  • UK: $78.528

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